A particular strength of solveno is to support structures in companies and to perform support functions at all levels. We relieve your IT department and at the same time enable a smooth and safe operation of applications.

Application Support

Once a software service is deployed successfully users have questions, new tasks are emerging and new aspects appear: That’s why solveno supports users in many ways by fulfilling a comprehensive application management. Thus, employees can concentrate on the essentials of their work and leave the care of the application to solveno’s experts.

Database Support

Databases are among the most valuable assets in a company. Therefore, it is crucial that they are managed, monitored and maintained in a reliable way. This involves – among other things:

  • to adapt your database in a fast-moving environment in order to meet new requirements,
  • to implement strategies in order to improving performance
  • to take responsibility for the life-cycle management of complete database farms

solveno’s specialists have many years of expertise in SQL, MSSQL, Oracle or SAP MaxDB and ensure that your business engine is running smoothly.

Optimization of Support Processes

How fast can your support staff respond to a request? How long does it take on average, until a problem is solved? How often are certain processes repeated? Our specialists analyze your support department, recommend improvements of existing processes and define new ones, thus helping your support staff to assist users efficiently.